The Knot Best of Weddings - 2021 PickRia Roth
(Life Improving Internal Focus Technique)
A simple approach to getting what you want out of life


* Do you find yourself struggling in any aspect of your life?

* Do you sometimes feel like you are swimming against the tide?

* Do you want to improve your job performance?

* Do you sometimes feel stuck in your life and are unsure on how to change it?

* Are you suffering due to trauma, loss or abuse?

*Would you like to feel happier and more at peace?



Life Improving Internal Focus Technique (LIIFT) is an effective tool that can change unwanted behaviors and patterns that keep us from leading our best lives. LIIFT utilizes simple techniques to quickly pinpoint the source of the issue and correct it. LIIFT accesses the subconscious mind and the thoughts that are stored there, and gently removes the hidden blocks that are holding us back from experiencing happiness and fulfillment in our life.

It is the subconscious mind which governs not only how our body functions but how we interact with the world around us. If we think of our brain as a 'computer,' the subconscious is the operating system written based on the input of our past experiences. Our past experiences influence our thoughts and our thoughts create our reality. When our thoughts are faulty, we continually repeat patterns that keep us from living the life we desire. By changing the faulty 'software programming' in your brain, LIIFT can help you:

* Enjoy better relationships

* Create more success in your career

* Reduce stress

* Relieve depression and anxiety

* Heal from childhood and past hurts

* Improve concentration and focus

* Boost energy levels and endurance

* Increase overall sense of well-being

* Develop confidence in all areas of your life


"I work in Sales and had noticed a decrease over the last few months. After two LIIFT sessions my Sales performance improved by 30% and it continues to grow."

                                                                                          -Mike K., Centerville, OH

"I tried LIIFT because I lacked confidence and was stuck in a job I did not enjoy. After one session, I interviewed and got my dream job! No kidding!"

                                                                                          -Megan C., Cincinnati, OH

"I have suffered from depression my entire life, yet had been unable to cry for over 10 years. During the first LIIFT session I felt a weigh lift from me and when my LIIFT Practitioner hugged me goodbye, I started to cry! I felt such relief and joy. 

Thank you Ria!"

                                                                                          -Barb C., Mason, OH



"I've been a professional Reiki healer for 20 years and have studied and experienced many other healing forms. LIIFT cuts the fluff out of healing. It's the fastest way to get from point A to point B. It has been so easy to integrate into my other healing methods."


                                                                                        – Cecile Locke, M.D., Indianapolis Indiana